Just starting a new web site to display images captured under the Southern Night Skies of Victoria, Australia. With deep sky sites from Heathcote central Victoria, to Nill, Western Victoria, I hope to also show people who are out in the field with me enjoying their night capturing deep sky images.

All of us interested in astronomy found ourselves getting involved in this hobby by one experience or another. For me, it started when I was young, taking a blanket out into our backyard, laying down on my back looking up to the stars with my dog laying next to me. I would lay out there for hours until my parents realized I wasn’t in bed!

It wasn’t until 2006(!), I purchased my first telescope, a Meade LX200GPS. I played with this for a while, moving to photography not long afterwards. It was difficult to understand all the new principles involved, but I simply just thrived off the learning right through to today. I have to say, the learning never stops! And I know this is part of the reason why I love this hobby so much.

Today, I’ve advanced a long way down the learning path, with much still to learn, and many objects to capture. The development of our set-ups is an addiction, seeking our best from our efforts being part of the satisfaction achieved.   Although I tell my lovely wife I’m happy with my equipment today, it’s just amazing how things change over time – you know what I mean? Hahaha.

Any way, part of this interest has been the development of this website, to share over time some of the images I have taken, and to share some tips I have learnt over this journey. Hope you find something interesting, and thanks for stopping by.

Steven Mohr 🙂

Member: ASV & MPAS